How to fund a Webmoney account in Nigeria?

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3 min readJan 20, 2022


Webmoney is one of the most popular money transfer systems on the internet. Making payment through Webmoney is an excellent experience. Whether you are a freelancer or a business owner, you can use Webmoney to receive or send payments easily. You can also use it to buy something from e-commerce shops or make transactions for any other purpose. Webmoney can be used in Nigeria without having any issues. By using this, you can send to or receive money from anywhere in the world!

But if you need to send money to someone with your Webmoney account, your account must have a balance in it. Because it’s not possible to pay someone while your account balance is zero. So, you need to fund your Webmoney account before you make any payments. Here I am going to describe how to fund a Webmoney account in Nigeria.

Deposit Webmoney account from Nigeria

After creating your Webmoney account, there won’t be any balance in it at first. You have to load money into it if you wish to pay someone. There are several ways to deposit a Webmoney account from Nigeria. We are going to explore them one by one. If you haven’t created your account yet, I would suggest you go create one if you have plans to send or receive money online. If you can’t create a Webmoney account for yourself, you can simply buy verified Webmoney accounts from your country.

Fund Webmoney account from the bank account

If you have a bank account, then you can directly transfer money from the bank to your Webmoney account. The Nigerian banks don’t have any restrictions on that. To deposit your Webmoney account from the bank, log in to your Webmoney account first. From the purse list, select the WMZ purse and click on the ‘Refill’ button. Once you click on it, you will see some options appearing in a box. Choose the ‘from a bank account’ option from the box. And follow the instructions.

Fund Webmoney using Visa or Mastercard

These days, almost all of us have a visa or Mastercard. If you have one, then there is a very convenient way to fund your Webmoney account. Follow these steps:

1. log in to your Webmoney account. Choose the currency purse that you want to fund money in.

2. Click on the refill button. You will see a menu option, choose ‘From a bank card’ from this menu.

3. Enter your credit/debit card information and the amount you want to deposit. Your Webmoney account will be loaded momentarily.

Deposit Webmoney account using prepaid cards

A prepaid card or gift card is a virtual card that holds a receipt number and an authorization code. You can buy Webmoney prepaid cards from various websites. By using these gift cards, you can fund your Webmoney account instantly. To redeem a Webmoney gift card, select the corresponding purse on your account and click ‘Refill’. From the payment options, choose the “From a gift card” option and enter the card information correctly. Your account will be funded.

Internal transfer

Internal transfer means transferring money from one Webmoney account to another. You can fund your Webmoney account by receiving payments from someone else. For example, if you perform a freelancing job and your client pays you through Webmoney, the money will be added to your account. So, your account is funded from another Webmoney account. You can also find a broker who can fund your Webmoney account for you if you pay him in cash.

Fund Webmoney account using exchangers

If you have accounts on any other payment services like PayPal, Perfect Money, etc. you can send money from these platforms to Webmoney. To do that, you need to exchange these e-currencies with Webmoney currency. There are a lot of exchangers available who will do that for you. You can find exchangers on and You can even exchange cryptocurrencies with Webmoney WMZ currency. You can think of it like this, you are buying WebMoney currency by paying with PayPal, Perfect Money, or cryptocurrencies.


Being able to transfer money through the internet is a great advantage. A Webmoney account is very handy specially when buying things on e-commerce platforms. The way to add funds to the Webmoney account is a bit confusing for a lot of people. But we hope after reading this post, now you know a couple of ways to do this.